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Using education and knowledge for healing

I get asked all the time what is the one thing that has really helped my brain heal??

My answer never stop learning!

This is just some of my certificates I've accumulated at this point.

I would say that a disclaimer is that I'm not showing you these to boost my ego or to show off.

But what I would actually say is that I have every right to be proud of all my accomplishments especially since 2018!

And if me showing them off can inspire someone else to continue to learn and help their brain then I'll keep sharing them!

Some of the most recent classes I have taken were repeats to gain new insight, and help my brain heal.

Some of the classes I've taken especially the ones about neurology or the brain is because I wanted to understand what was happening in my own body with my brain during my time of healing.

One class is my class that I teach that I made myself take LOL because not only are we teachers but we're all so students.

Knowledge is power!

I'm the type of person if I don't understand something I'll take a class on it so I can understand it.

And truthfully I'm not a person that likes to go to school! At least not the society's idea of school.

I much rather go to the school of Spirit helping me balance my journey in this world.

You can ask my kids I've never been partial to society schools .

Now this is not up for debate or even judgment, this is just my experience and my own TRUTH, that I'm sharing to inspire others discover their own TRUTH even if it's different than my TRUTH!

Does that make sense?!


I actually love the idea of schools! Anytime you get multiple people together in a community with the same goal or purpose wonderful magical things can happen!

But for now in the way of the world, what I love most more than schools is education and knowledge.

You can have a school anywhere it's just a building! It's not the building that really matters, it's the teachers and the students within the building that count.

Because without teachers we wouldn't have students and without students we wouldn't have teachers.

It is all connected!

I'm a parent, I home schooled my son for a few years or unschooled him, and my kids also went to school.

And as an adult seeking education and knowledge, these certificates didn't come from a school they came a teacher. A teacher who did the schooling to gain the knowledge to pass it on to a new student.

And the cycle repeats, the student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the student.

FYI: I'm not against going to school I think schools do a lot of good, and that is my focus when my kids are in school.

Basically this whole post comes down to, I crave education and knowledge on a daily basis, and I have learned more in my life from the many teachers that have crossed my path, than I ever did when I was in school.

Now with that said, I'd love to see your certificates regardless of where they came from! I am so proud of you! And you should be FUCKING proud of yourself too!!

Show off your certificates, comment the below!!

P.S. I know that a certificate is just a piece of paper, this is not what that's about. It's about the feeling that comes along with having the certificate and honoring that within yourself and letting others cheer you on!

Any debating, negative comments etc will be deleted.

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