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When you honor your brain and body.

What if instead of fighting against being sick, we instead held space for our bodies and listened to what our bodies are screaming to us through our pain.

Let's turn that scream into a gentle whisper.

For a moment just pause... Count out loud very slowly 1...2...3...

Place your hands on your heart.

Breatheeeeee gently.

Place your hands on your belly.

Take a deep breath.

Let it out with a loud sigh.....

Now hug yourself.

Slowly move your body .

Gently sway back and forth.

Now ask your body, "what can I do for you?"



Are you feeling your body's scream for love?!

Say to your body, "I love you, it's ok, I am here for you, I can hear you, I am listening."

Do this until your body's screams becomes a whisper.

You will notice a shift in your body, a gentle sensation guiding your body into a a new space of freedom.

Freedom from the pain cycle.

Listen and you will hear your body whisper to you, "Thank you!"

Your body needs you to rest, but your brain wants you to be productive.

So how do you exactly do that??

We can make a conscious choice of getting upset at ourselves for not being productive, which perpetuates the cycle of complaining, getting upset and being disappointed in ourselves.

Round and round we go!


We can make a conscious choice to take ourselves off that consistent cycle of self abuse. Realizing when we are resting, we are being just as productive or even more than when we are being active.

How?! Very good question! I am so glad you asked!

We do that by honoring our bodies needs, as well as feed our brains desires, in a healthy and balanced way!

Lets start with something small!

By doing one small activity, like washing one dish instead of washing all the dishes. Or as for my husband going outside and looking at your mud truck instead of working on the mud truck. Maybe a step for you is just sitting up in bed. Every small step counts!

Take a deep breath! Seriously stop reading and take a deep breath!

You see, when we do one small action at a time, instead of jumping right to the main event, we are honoring our brains desire to feel productive, while honoring our bodies desire to rest. Less is more!! Over time the small actions you make will build into bigger results. Slow and steady!!

With this act of self care and self love not only do we help ourselves, we also we become an example for others in our lives to do the same.

To get you started, make a list!

  • Get out 3 pieces of paper and pen.

  • Make a list of things you want to accomplish on one paper.

  • Pick two of those things and write each one at the top, on two different pieces of paper.

  • Make a list of small steps under each thing you want to accomplish.


1. Finish Dishes

Get off couch

Walk into kitchen

Do one dish

Dry and put dish away

Rest and Repeat

2. Write a book

Daydream about book ideas

Get off couch

Get paper, pen, pencil, laptop

Write my first sentence

Rest and Repeat

  • Now start with the first step. You don't even have to do it all in one day. Each step you take is an accomplishment for your brain and body!

Just for reading this, you are being productive! Be very proud of yourself!

Now go have some coffee, tea or any drink that you fancy and relax, you deserve it!

Side note: If you are a mom, you can do this activity with your kids and show them, that it's okay to listen to both their brain and their body in a balanced gentle way.

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