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That one time time I was reborn again

Updated: Feb 20

Do you believe in past lives?

Do you know who you were in a past life?

Me: Ive had many past lives. I am a old soul, I've been told by my guides this will probably be my last life.

Makes sense when you look at everything I've gone through in my life.

I remember my first confirmation of one of my past lives.

About 20 years ago, I was at a old barn house in the middle of the country. Sitting at a table with a group of friends in an older psychics run down kitchen.

The older psychic who was supposed to be doing past life readings for us was auguring loudly with her daughter in the next room. I was tempted to leave, the energy was heavy, but I didn't drive that day and my friends wanted to stay. I just kept thinking to myself, "this is NOT how you conduct business!"

But (Clue word: So)I had no idea what to expect, it was my first reading like this.

I was actually kinda scared.

The older psychic had a reputation of being a bit on the darker side of things, I was only there because my friends wanted me to come, I think they were scared too.

At one point the older psychic after arguing with her daughter sits down at the table with us, as her daughter sat in the corner glaring at us.

The older psychic then went in a trance state and began going around the table telling everyone about their past lives. It seemed ok so far, I began to relax a little.

Then its my turn to me, with her eyes closed, she grabbed my hands. I reluctantly let her hold them, as I kept up my protection energy shields up, not understanding why she had to touch my hands, when she didn't with anyone else. Then she raised her head, open her eyes, and started straight at me, but it felt like she was looking right through me. I saw the fear in her eyes, I held my breath, as she scream loudly, "FIRE FIRE FIRE, THEY ARE BURNING YOU, YOUR ON FIRE!" I gasped and thought "Who is she talking to?" As she's screaming, I feel it, a burning sensation starting at my feet, working its way up my body. Then I get lost in the trance too.

It was me!

I'm on fire, I'm coughing, I'm trying to scream, I can't escape it! I frantically look around, I'm surrounded by a mass crowd yelling, "BURN THE WITCH!". Then I see a little blond haired girl staring at me, with tears running down her cheeks. My heart broke.

Just as the fire is about to consume me, I woke up.

I yanked my hands from the older psychic and began to cry uncontrollably. It was so intense. I was shaken uncontrollably, like I was cold, but I was sweating. I couldn't speak, it was like the wind got knocked out of me. Everyone was staring at me with looks of horror on their faces.

Luckily I was the last one to get a reading, because I was ready to leave. I threw my money on the table and literally ran out of her house. Once I was outside, it felt like there was smoke in my lungs, I began to gasp for air, trying to find my breath. My friends helped me into the car and we left as quick as we could. There was complete silence on the way home.

It took me a few years to even be able to talk about my experience.

But it haunted me day and night, I needed to get back to that little blonde girl I saw in the vision. I had to tell her I was OK!

I began the journey of doing past life regression meditations with a trusted psychic friend and taught myself to do my own past live readings. After a few years of experiencing some intense meditations and readings, I pieced together that past life the older psychic had opened me up to.

In this past life that kept me awake at night, I was a young mother who did healing in Salem. I was accused of witchcraft and then burned alive while my daughter watched. My heart sank when I found that out.

Over the years people who were with me in that past life have reappeared in my life.

The two who stand out the most from my past life are: The man who light the fire and my past life daughter.

The man who set the fire in the past life was my mother in this life. Which after finding this explained our hard relationship in this life, it also helped heal our relationship in this present life. When I was able let go of the emotions I felt toward the man in the past life, my relationship with my mother got better. It was like a huge weight was lifted from me and I was able to connect to who my mother is in my present life and not hold her past life version actions toward me against her anymore.

My daughter in the past life is my daughter Cordelia in this life, I'm so grateful we were able to find each other again. To be able to share another life with her is amazing! It does explain why she has fears of certain things now, that we will continue to work on releasing and our bond now is stronger then ever.

I've always felt drawn to Salem and one year before my daughter was born, I visited Salem and felt like I had come home. I also experienced deep grief at the grave yard there.

I was born a witch in this present life and started practicing magick at the age of 7 years old on my own, with the help of my Spirit ancestors from the past life.

I've never felt the need to hide that I am a Witch/Wiccan. I have always been very outspoken about what a beautiful, peaceful and misunderstood spiritual path it is. With the strength I have gained from this past life, I will continue to spread the light and truth about the old Religion.

Unlike the older psychic, I have chosen to only come from a place of love and light for my clients, but to NEVER use fear to show them a past life. I have always guided my clients in a gentle loving way, helping them understand their past lives. Showing them new ways to open themselves up to heal from the past life trauma. Which enables them regain their power in this present life, to take the action of releasing their trauma attached to their past life version of themselves. Freeing them to own who they are now, and let go of who they no longer are.

It not healthy to live in the past, but it can be extremely helpful to understand it.

Now your turn, whats your experience?

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