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Wiccan Wheel Holidays - Litha

The Wiccan Year – Litha


The wheel is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals and of the God and Goddess.

June 19th – 22nd 




Today we will pay tribute to our beloved mother Gaia and rejoice in the plentiful gifts she bestows upon us through her exquisite flowers and bountiful harvests.

We are fortunate to witness our magnificent sun shining brighter today than on any other day of the year, marking Litha as the longest day of the year! On this day, we rejoice in our achievements and anticipate the bountiful harvest season ahead.

During Litha, we pay tribute to the Celtic Goddess Danu (Anu), an earth Goddess who is thought to be the origin of all life. She embodies the spirit of the earth and its waters, granting fertility, renewal, and the nurturing we desire.


At Litha, we can connect with the faerie folk at dusk when they cross into the human realm to bestow blessings upon us.

Similar to the bountiful growth of the earth's crops, our own development is flourishing and expanding. During Litha, we harness the energy of the Sun to nurture our ideas, aspirations, and goals for the remainder of the year!

Colors for Litha are yellow, pink and purple.

Simple Litha Ritual by Crystal Le Fay

  • Supplies: Adjust ritual to work for amount of people participating. Can be done alone or as a group.

  • Drums, Bells or any other musical instrument you would like to use. (per person)

  • One yellow or gold candle per person

  • Lighter (per person)

  • One fire proof container or fire pit

  • Piece of paper (per person)

  • Blue, green or brown marker (per person)

  • One small bowl with a herb mix of Frankincense, Calendula, Chamomile and Cinnamon (Crystal Le Fay has these herbs for sale, contact her to order yours)


Ritual – Abundance of Power


1. Prepare an altar and create your sacred circle. Position a fireproof container on the altar or locate the altar close to a fire pit. Arrange candles on the altar along with a bowl of herbs.


2. Face altar, take 3 deep breaths.


3. Light your Yellow or Gold candle, keep candle on alter.


4. The person leading the ritual turns towards the Sun and declares, "We are here on the longest day of the year, under the mighty Sun, which reminds us of our inner strength through its intense heat and power."


5. From now on, all participants will start playing their musical instruments at a very slow pace, resembling the rhythm of a heartbeat.


6. Everyone begin to chant, “The God is strong, the God is powerful, the God is fertile!”


7. Speed up the playing of the musical instruments as everyone chants 3 times, “God and Goddess, together they create Life.”


8. Abruptly stop the musical instruments. Be in silence.


9. The person leading the ritual sings, "Oh Lord of the Forest, Blessed horned one, our God of the Hunt! On Litha, our longest day, we honor you greatly. We pay tribute to the individuals in our lives - those who have nurtured us, those who cherish us, and those whom we are nurturing. Today, we honor them in your name, oh blessed Sun God."

10. Everyone sing, “We honor them today in your name, oh blessed Sun God.”

11. Take a moment of silence to reflect on all the people in your life who love you and whom you love.

12. Pass out paper and markers to everyone.

13. Take a moment to jot down some successes you've achieved this year on one side of a piece of paper, and on the other side, write down what you hope to achieve for the remainder of the year.

14. Each person go to the altar, read their paper aloud, then ignite it with their candle, toss it into a fireproof container or fire pit. Afterward, add a pinch of the herb mix while saying loudly, "SO MOTE IT BE!"

15. Uncast circle. Give herbs ashes back to Mother Earth.





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