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Wiccan Wheel Holidays - Lughnassad, Lammas

The Wiccan Year – Lughnassad, Lammas

The wheel is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals and of the God and Goddess.

August 1

(Mother Earth)

Today we will rejoice in the gifts of the Great Mother. For this first Harvest, we gather in our energy and crops and give thanks for our abundance.

This is a time to honor Lugh, or Lug, the great Celtic Sun King and God of Light

We have much change and shifting, body, mind and Spirit.

Our growth has slowed down so that we can have a time of reflection.

Colors for Lammas are green, yellow, and red.

Simple Lughnassad, Lammas Ritual by Crystal Le Fay

Supplies: For each person participating

· 1 Yellow & 1 Tan candle, Handful of Frankincense and Sandalwood, Vegetable/Grain Décor, Fire Proof Container, Light snacks, Tea or Water.

Ritual – Sacred Union

1. Set up altar and cast your circle.

2. Face altar, take 3 deep breaths.

3. Clap your hands 3 times, then dance around your altar, singing out loud: “I celebrate the marriage of Father Sun and Mother Earth!”

4. Light your yellow candle. Turn away from your altar. Light your Frankincense and wave around you. Sing out loud, “May my Spirit dance with Father Sun, giving thanks to his power.” Sing louder, “REJOICE! REJOICE! REJOICE!”

5. Turn back to your altar. Blow out your yellow candle. Light your tan candle. Light your Sandalwood and wave it around you. Sing out loud, “May my body be grounded with Mother Earth, for thanks for our life.” Sing louder, “REBORN! REBORN REBORN!!!” Blow out your Tan candle.

6. Clap your hands 3 times, then dance around your altar, singing out loud: “Yay for the power of Father Sun and Mother Earth from all live comes!!!” Sing louder, “IT IS SO! ITS IS SO! IT IS SO!”

7. Enjoy your snacks and drink.

8. Uncast circle. Give herbs ashes back to Mother Earth.

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