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Wiccan Wheel Holidays: Yule

The Wiccan Year - Yule

The wheel is an annual cycle of seasonal festivals and

of the God and Goddess.

December – 20-23

(The Sun Returns, Winter Solstice)

Its recognized as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle.

Our longest night and our shortest day of the year, Yule can be considered either the year’s beginning or the end.

We celebrating Yule we celebrate the return of the light. With our newborn Sun we are offered a unlimited fresh start, a beautiful new day.

In this time we can be renewed!

Colors for Yule are white, gold, green and red.

Simple Yule Ritual

Supplies: For each person participating

· Winter décor for altar, frankincense resin, myrrh resin (or mugwort herb in place of myrrh), gold candle for God, silver candle for Goddess, green candle, white candle, red candle, a dessert, pretty glass or cup, juice or water, fire proof container, piece of paper, pen and lighter.

Ritual - Rebirth

1. Set up altar and cast your circle. Face your altar, take in 3 deep breaths.

2. Light the Silver candle and say, “Blessed be the Lady who turn the mighty wheel!”

3. Light you’re the Gold candle and say, “Blessed be the Lord who turn the mighty wheel!”

4. Light the Green candle, then White Candle, then the Red candle, and say, “ Welcome Yule! The end of the Solar Year has come and the New Solar Year begins!

5. Write on a piece of paper what you wish to let go of and what you wish to bring forth.

6. Light your paper with one of the candles (your choice) into your fire proof container, throw in a pinch of frankincense resin and myrrh resin or mugwort. Say out loud, “ The old day is ending and a new day is beginning. I now take my power from my past. I now send it forward into the union with the energies of the Sun God, rebirthing my strength!”

7. Uncast circle. Give ashes back to Mother Earth. Eat your dessert and drink your juice or water and be merry!

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