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Your in the NOW Energy Focus & Oracle Pull: Make A Wish

If you are reading this NOW, this is your energy focus in this present NOW.

  • Astrological energy you may be feeling NOW - You could be experiencing four different types of energy in this present moment. This can come in waves, one at a time, all at once or fluctuate between the energies. The energies are: indecisive, sociable, secretive or strong willed.

  • Full Moon Focus - Your Full Moon focus will be on healing old wounds and forgiveness of self and others.

  • Power Number - 442 - When you see this number it’s a sign that your Angel are here now and want you to stay positive as your prayers are being answered.

  • Power Color - Emerald - Wear or surround yourself with the color Emerald, to help keep your Body, Mind and Spirit calm.

  • Power Animal - Hawk - When you see a Hawk whether it’s in a photo, statute or even a real Hawk, it’s a sign your too caught up in too many details. Its time to take a step back and get a better perspective of your situation. That’s where your answers will be.

  • Power Herb - Ginseng- Helps you conserve your resources, whether it’s, time, energy, money, or power. This plant is amazing at helping you take back your power over your, Mind, Body and Spirit. Infuse some of this wonderful herb into your favorite carrier oil. Then anoint your heart space and bottoms of feet on a regular basis with the infused oil to help maintain power over your life.

  • Power Crystal - Ruby - This amazing stone helps energize your Soul. It attracts abundance and prosperity in all ways! Carry or wear this stone during this time. (Crystal Le Fay has this stone for sale, email to order yours.)

  • Essential Oil - Cilantro - Great for balancing and expanding your mind. Dilute for topical use.

  • Self-Care Tip – Write a self-love letter to yourself, cook your favorite meal just for you or even take yourself on a trip you’ve always wanted to go on! Self-love in any form should be part of your self-care!

  • Mantra/Affirmation - "My income is constantly increasing!" YES it is, claim your abundance now! Write out this Mantra/Affirmation and say it often to attract more to be excited about!

Your in the NOW Oracle Pull: Make A Wish

(Crystal Le Fay's Magick of Self Oracle)

For your Oracle card pull, refer to photo below.

To see the video for your Oracle card pull, click on link:

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