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Your in the NOW Energy Focus & Oracle Pull: You choose Right or Left

If you are reading this NOW, this is your energy focus in this present NOW.

  • Astrological energy you may be feeling NOW - You could be experiencing a cosmic energy fluctuation between enthusiasm and idealism. Causing you to have a humorous exaggeration of outspoken truths. Basically be care what you say right now, take a breath and think before you speak!

  • Full Moon Focus - Your Full Moon focus will be on loving self and being your most authentic self!

  • Power Number - 639 - When you see this number, it’s a sign that you are on the path to your Divine purpose! You will be contacted soon by an Ascended Master in human form as a mentor!

  • Power Color - Dark Blue - Wear or surround yourself with the color Dark Blue, to help keep your Body, Mind and Spirit calm.

  • Power Animal - Raccoon - When you see a Racoon whether it’s in a photo, statute or even a real Racoon, it’s a sign you have all the resources you need to get you through a challenging time. Its also telling you to be aware of someone trying to be deceptive in your life. Trust your intuition at this time and more away from the situation quickly!

  • Power Herb - Chamomile - Helps you calm your nervous system and relaxes your Soul. This plant is amazing at helping you work with your inner child, healing and soothing wounds from your past. Heat up some hot water and make yourself a cozy cup with this herb. Get to know yourself while mindfully sipping some of this amazing tea.

  • Power Crystal - Garnet - This amazing stone helps cleanse and re-energize your Chakras. Bringing you courage and hope just when you need it most! Carry or wear this stone during this time. (Crystal Le Fay has this stone for sale, email to order yours.)

  • Power Essential Oil - Wintergreen - Great for inflammation and control issues, helping you let go and trust your Divine Spirit to guide you. Dilute for topical use.

  • Power Self-Care Tip – Build Strength! Now is the time to move your body! You will manifest strength in so many different ways, by just exploring new ways of movement.

  • Power Mantra/Affirmation - "I am willing to release the need for this condition!". Take a deep breath, releasing any resistance you may have for any challenging condition your coming up against with your Body, Mind & Spirit. Write out this Mantra/Affirmation and say it often to attract more to be excited about!

Your in the NOW Oracle Pull: Your choice Right or Left

(Oracle pull from Unshakable Inner Peace Oracle cards Author Shannon Kaiser,

Intuitively explained by Crystal Le Fay)

For your Oracle card pull, refer to photos below.

To see the video for your Oracle card pull, click on link:

Right Card

Left Card

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