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Ostara Ritual

Ostara March 19 - 22 is a balanced time of equal parts light and dark.

I so love this time of year, Spring time! I always take it as an opportunity to put the things I want to grow in my life into action, with the added help of Goddess Ostara’s very powerful energy!

This is such a blessed time of hope and growth. Deep within our beautiful Mother Earth, seeds are beginning to sprout. It is a wonderful time of fertility in all forms.

Here is a solitary or group ritual for you to honor Goddess Ostara and her return to Mother Earth. Also asking Ostara for her blessings for the things in your life you want to grow.

(Make adjustments as you need to)


4 candles one yellow, one, white, one green, and one purple

A bowl of milk

A small bowl of honey or sugar

Wooden Spoon or Stick

A potted plant (If doing ritual inside)

Ostara Ritual

  • Perform this ritual outside if possible, in the early morning. Decorate your altar with symbols of the season. (Eggs, Flowers, symbols of young animals) If doing the ritual inside, make sure to place your potted plant on your altar.

  • Take a moment to focus on the air around you. Breathe in deeply, and smell the change in the seasons.

  • Light the green candle, to recognizing Mother Earth’s pregnancy.

Say: “As the Wheel of the Year turns once again, This is a time where light and dark are equal, and the soil becomes fertile. It is an time for Mother Earth to awakened from her deep sleep, as new life springs forth.”

  • Light the yellow candle, recognizing Father sun.

Say: “We welcome back our Father sun closer to us, greeting blessed Mother Earth with its brightest rays. As the light and dark are equal, the beautiful sky fills with light and warmth. Father sun warms the earth beneath our feet, and gives us life to our path of fertility.”

  • Light the purple candle. Recognizing the Divine Spirit that you connect to.

Say loudly: “Spring has come! Yay, Spring has come! I am so blessed and thankful! I welcome the Divine Spirit to be with me now. Divine Spirit fill me with the cool fall of rain, in all the baby buds of the flowers, within the fertile fields awaiting to be planted, touching the sky above us and feeling the earth below us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you oh powerful Universe am so blessed to be alive on this day.

  • Open your arms wide.

Say: “I open my arms to Welcome, life! Welcome, light! Welcome, spring!”

  • Lower your arms, take a few moments and meditate on the three flames before you and what they symbolize to you. Consider your connection with these three scared things–Mother Earth, Father sun, and Divine Spirit.

  • Light the White candle recognizing your wish of fertility.

Say: “ I wish for Goddess Ostara to bring me much fertility for_____(Your wish) _______.

I trust in your power and know that it shall be mine.”

  • Blend together the milk and honey, stirring with your wooden spoon/stick gently in a clockwise motion. Pour in a clockwise direction around your altar space onto the earth. Or if inside, pour mixture clockwise around the plant in the pot.

Say: “I make this offering to my blessed Mother Earth, with so much gratitude for my many blessings I have received and continue to.”

  • Once you have given your offering to blessed Mother Earth, raise your hands quickly to Father sun then lower them and sit gently upon Mother Earth.

  • Feel the energy that surrounds you in this moment.

  • Place one hand on your heart space.

  • Place your other hand on your crown space. (Top of head)

  • Close your eyes and breathe gently, knowing that you are in a perfect place of balance between light and dark, winter and summer, warmth and cold, body, mind and Spirit.

Say, “Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again. Blessed Be!”

  • Finish ritual when you are ready.

Love and Light Crystal Le Fay

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