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Ostara Ritual

Ostara March 19 - 22 is a balanced time of equal parts light and dark.

I so love this time of year, Spring time! I always take it as an opportunity to put the things I want to grow in my life into action, with the added help of Goddess Ostara’s very powerful energy!

This is such a blessed time of hope and growth. Deep within our beautiful Mother Earth, seeds are beginning to sprout. It is a wonderful time of fertility in all forms.

Here is a solitary or group ritual for you to honor Goddess Ostara and her return to Mother Earth. Also asking Ostara for her blessings for the things in your life you want to grow.

(Make adjustments as you need to)


4 candles one yellow, one, white, one green, and one purple

A bowl of milk

A small bowl of honey or sugar

Wooden Spoon or Stick

A potted plant (If doing ritual inside)

Ostara Ritual