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Real: Poem by Crystal Le Fay


Where did this come from?

Just when I thought I was unshakeable,

you shook my world.

I was safe,

protecting my heart,

keeping these feelings hidden,

hidden even from myself,

hidden from the outside world,

hidden from those that judge,

hidden from those stares that could,

cause my heart to break.

You held out your hand to me,

Trembling, I grabbed on,

"Please don't let go", I cried.

"Hold on tight", you whispered.

You were a wish I didn't even know I had,

You unwrapped me like a birthday gift,

So many surprises surrounded us that season.

But seasons change...

The love we shared,

it was real?


Our life together existed,

We knew it was real,

even if the outside world didn't.

Now our time is lost in memories,

In the shadows of yesterday.

I can still feel your kiss within the lyrics of our song,

our kiss hello,

our kiss goodbye.

As we move on to our new lives,

lives that are accepted today.

My heart will always know,

our love,

was real.....

I wrote this poem a very long time ago, a time when being bisexual would have never been accepted where I was living.

I am in a monogamous marriage to a man now, who I deeply love.

It is thanks to him, I am now able to honor this side of myself, I've kept hidden for so long.

Its through his acceptance of who I am,

that has enabled me to honor a past relationship, I had with a woman.

A woman that I cared about very much, but due to keeping our relationship secret from the rest of the world, put a strain on us.

Even though it broke our hearts, we made a choice to move on from each other.

Today, many many years too late,

I honor her,

I honor our time together,

I honor all the laughter,

I honor all the tears,

I honor all our secrets we share,

I honor the life we shared together,

I know now,

no matter what the outside world thinks,

our love was real....

Love is Love!

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