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Earth Warriors Oracle Card Pull Mayu

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Welcome to your Earth Warriors Oracle Card Pull intuitively read by Crystal Le Fay.

No matter when you read this, or hear this message , it is for you!


Dear one, your Soul has been longing for this expansion for so long! Have you felt it? Are you ready?

As you drift through this traumatic and wonderful spiritual expansion process, you will probably feel quite uncomfortable and lonely at times.

I am not here to deny your struggle. I am sure it has been such a painful process to go through. I am sure that you feel levels of exhaustion, you have never felt before. I do understand! You are not alone in this!

I am here to assure you, that no matter how excruciating this journey has become, you will continue to make it through! Maybe even with some awesome looking scars, to show others you have won the battle!!

Please my Dear One, give yourself a pat on the back! You have not given up, no matter how slow or hard things have become, you still keep moving forward!

I know you have lost so much during this time of transition! I need for you to focus on what you have gained! Within your gratitude, is where your real victory lies!