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Health Guidance

How’s your health?

If you're anything like me been going through quite a few changes. Most likely causing some high anxiety reactions. Change can be so scary and confusing.

So, in this moment please allow yourself the space to be here in this moment. Now take a deep breath and ask these 3 questions.

1. What do I need to know about my health?

2. What do I have to look forward to with my health?

3. What is a help card that can help me with my health situation?

Now take a deep breath, drop out of your mind into your heart. Read this from a space of love.

1. Right now, the best thing that you can do is honor the cycles of your body, your energy levels and your emotions and know that, just with anything in life, your body is going through cycles.

Know that if you would just quiet your mind and listen with your heart to the rhythms that your body is telling you, you will see that the most important thing is to be in balance.

Body, energy and emotions.

At this time, I also see you spending some time near water. It can be a small pond or a river or a beach. Or you can even get a tub of water, or a bowl of water and put it outside and sit next to it. It's even better if you can put your feet into it, allow the water to keep you balanced. I would definitely recommend doing this at least once a week. Daily if possible.

2. Your spirit guides are asking you to continue to look for the signs. These signs will guide you down the path that you need to follow.

You can be assured of this, that within the next few months, you're going to get some wonderful, enlightening information when it comes to your health.

Know that our health situation will improve and continue to from this point forward.

Continue to hold faith.

3. Walk away from any unhealthy situation. Because until you do, the new doors that want to be open to you, will remain closed.

So now's the time to walk away, not just from toxic people, but toxic thoughts, toxic foods etc.

You may find yourself soon in a situation where normally you wouldn't speak up and defend yourself.


Because it's always been easier just to remain quiet.

This situation requires you to walk away!

Not necessarily physically walk away, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And in order to do that, you're going to have to speak up and defend yourself!!

Because of out of everybody in the whole entire world,

YOU, the most beautiful spiritual human being that you are, deserve to be defended.

Your health depends on it!

NOW take a deep breath, let it out,

and go drink a glass of water.

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & Spirit Guides

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