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Psychic Painting Reading

The Wishing Well of the Universe, it's been listening to your desperate cries for peace.

Lately you may have been feeling impulsive, there seems to be some guilt that comes with that.

What's important for you to understand, is your impulsiveness is bringing forth the true desire that you wish to have.

You're having such wonderful inspiration oh, but you're viewing it as something negative. Within the next week you're going to have an "AHA" moment, the idea that you have been conceiving will finally take root.

But will you be able to trust the Divine intelligence that activates your true desires?

It's time to stop judging the process of growth that you're going through!

As hard as it may seem, please step aside, and make a wish out to Universe, like a coin thrown into a wishing well, let go and trust your Spirit guides message .

Let the Angelic vibrational forces of the Universal truth, channel an amazing energy through you. Its only then you will become free, from the chains upon you.

Accepting this energy, will help you find your way home.

Love and Light

Crystal Le Fay

*Psychic Painting "Universal Truth". Painted by Crystal Le Fay and her Spirit Guides.

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