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Sacred Space Oracle Message

My Oracle message today comes from The Illustrated Herbiary by Mata Toll

Remember this message is for you no matter when you receive it.

Your Oracle message is from dear Sweet Violet.

Oh beautiful Violet what a Divine message you bring to us today!

How blessed we are by your amazing energy of abundance.

This week we will focus on protecting our private inner sanctum.

I know not everyone is worthy of a space within my precious private home.

I know it is so important to nurture and protect my private Sacred Space this week.

I will keep my deepest desires close to my heart, only sharing my wonderous secrets to those I feel completely safe with.

This message is a sign from the Universe, that this week I begin to strengthen my own trust within my inner Sacred space, enabling me to grow.

I know oh so well it’s within this space that I can embrace my authentic self.

Keeping my secrets close to my heart space, honoring them before I share my journey with the rest of the world.

My inner truth comes from the silence and dark spaces deep within me. Its there I connect with the Universal love.

I make a promise to myself; body, mind and Spirit. I will hold the space within me to honor my expansion. No more over exposing my inner Sacred space, to those who do not deserve my energy.

Ask yourself these questions for inner guidance:

1. What lives in my secret heart space, that is only mine?

2. Who do I feel safe with sharing my inner strength?

3. What do I share with the world that I should be holding back? (Clue word: Am)

Remember, it's okay to show the world a different face as long as you remember who you are.

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & her Spirit Guides

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