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Tarot Pull Now is the time!

If your reading this, the message is for you!

Today's Tarot Pull is from The Akashic Tarot

Do you feel like you should be giving up on that goal you have?

You know the goal you keep putting off, because of fear and the worry that it may not work out, or better yet, that it will work out??!!

Well, pay attention to whats coming next! Now is the time, to follow through with the steps to finish this goal!

You know, the goal your afraid of!!

The universe is here to tell you, YOU CAN DO THIS!!

So fear the fucking fear and DO IT ANYWAYS!!!

I'm gonna let you in on a secret, there is a major opportunity coming your way, pertaining to this specific goal!

Procrastinating will not be your friend at this time, its time to get moving!

Don't let this moment pass you by!

I see you, looking everywhere, questioning where is this opportunity? STOP!

You will know it when it appears.

The real question is, are you gonna just sit there and let it pass you by?


Are you gonna grab on and enjoy the ride?

Extra hint: Follow the number 67 or 76, it will lead you to finish your goal!

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay

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1 Comment

Again, you pulled a card that's meant for me!!! I need to get over the self sabotage and just move forward!

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